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Attract Millennials to Ma Pause by reinventing the logo

Create a new unique and appealing logo and a key visual for Ma Pause, to express the healthy, yummy, on-the-go snack

Three-page presentation: first page with logo, second one with the key visual, third page made up of explanations.

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Ma Pause Fruit Mom

We would like to thank everyone for all the different propositions that we received, with some inspiring universe for our (future) brand story. Thank you for your involvement.

Prêmio do Júri Vencedores

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katti87 #1 Prêmio
katti87 160 Pontuação creativa
  • Design Gráfico
  • Ilustração
  • Design de Embalagem e Etiqueta
Reino Unido

#1 Prêmio de € 1.500

I’m very happy and grateful for the 1st prize. It was a fun contest and I enjoyed working for Materne.
Also a big thank you to Eyeka for giving designers these great opportunities.

Dear katti87, thanks for your proposition, that we immediatly liked! The universe of MY lovely, beloved break is really insightful for us and for the job we would like to (re)start with the brand. Regards

Ma Pause Fruit
benjokoren #2 Prêmio
benjokoren 17.280 Pontuação creativa
  • Design Gráfico
  • Ilustração
  • Escrita Criativa
  • Design de Embalagem e Etiqueta

#2 Prêmio de € 1.000

I am very delighted with my second place and I want to thank the jury and Materne for this opportunity.
It was an interesting and challenging task.I hope to see more of them on Eyeka in the future.

Dear benjokoren, thank you for your proposition that we found meaningful, with the "bubble" universe, MY own bubble that I can imagine as I want to. Regards

Ma Pause Fruit
Samira-Rafi #3 Prêmio
Samira-Rafi 357.470 Pontuação creativa
  • Design Gráfico
  • Vídeo
  • Ilustração
  • Animação
  • Escrita Criativa
  • Design de Embalagem e Etiqueta
  • Fotografia
  • Redação de argumentos

#3 Prêmio de € 500

Chère Samira-Rafi, merci pour votre proposition, que nous avons sélectionnée en guise d'inspiration pour un univers rayonnant, de la pause bien-être, de MA pause. Cordialement

Ma Pause Fruit

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