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Invent the new concept of snacks that will unleash amazing moments in parties!

WOW us with new product ideas full of fun for Paketaxo!

Concept board: 2 PDF pages in total – Page 1: visuals of product concept and its packaging (you can add other visuals to support your ideas if needed) Page 2: text with answers to the mandatory questions and an explanation of your new concept

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Thanks to all the creators who have participated in this contest by sending us your amazing ideas!

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Gayane #1 Prêmio
Gayane 69.030 Pontuação creativa
  • Design Gráfico
  • Ilustração
  • Escrita Criativa

#1 Prêmio de € 2.800

We thought it was brilliant to include 2 flavors within a snack to enhance the experience. We will just operate a change in the flavours. Thanks for participating!

srcharls #2 Prêmio
srcharls 0 Pontuação creativa
  • Design Gráfico
  • Vídeo
  • Ilustração
  • Animação
  • Escrita Criativa
  • Design de Embalagem e Etiqueta

#2 Prêmio de € 1.500

We loved your idea of interactivity of the packaging and the games. We adapted the games proposed to make them more appealing to the target. Looking forward for your next submission for Pepsico contests!

maquiel #3 Prêmio
maquiel 0 Pontuação creativa
  • Design Gráfico

#3 Prêmio de € 500

Amazing the way you tuned the packaging for the party. Great idea that leverages the importance of music and snacks at a party. Keep up the good work!


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