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Create an ad that illustrates a moment everyone can relate to where the quality of the tissues of SCA brands (Lotus, Tempo, Zewa) makes a difference!

Create an ad that shows situations everyone can relate to in which high-quality tissue paper really does make a difference and illustrates how SCA brands (Lotus, Tempo, Zewa) are trusted companions.

Poster (1 visual + text).

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Tempo Sca

We were overwhelmed by the amount and quality of your entries. It was very difficult for us to pick and we felt very honored that so many people are so engaged with our products that you decided to send your entries. Thank you! We feel very inspired now :-)

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ZMardin #1 Prêmio
ZMardin 13.680 Pontuação creativa
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#1 Prêmio de € 1.500

We really liked that you took up the topic of public embarrassment and were impressed by the implicit way you chose of showing how quality of tissues can make a difference in really important situations. Very well done!

charly-dh #2 Prêmio
charly-dh 18.500 Pontuação creativa
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#2 Prêmio de € 600

We thought the claim was terrific - it shows what our product quality can do for the consumer in unexpected moments and through the "everyday situation" that you pictured, you made it clear, that these situation are quite frequent and thus our product in daily use. Good job.

ginarutherford #3 Prêmio
ginarutherford 105.100 Pontuação creativa
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Estados Unidos

#3 Prêmio de € 400

With your two entries, you showed the versatility of our product and that in real life you use hankies for so much more than just blowing the nose. You wrote that for special mess, you just need it soft and tough at the same time, which implies the strength of our product: the perfect balance of softness and strength.
Not only cute but smartly solved!


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