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Pitch us a story where Lay’s are so irresistible they make you break conventions or change plans

Invent a story about Lay’s irresistibility and how they will make you break conventions or change plans and “pitch” it to us by describing or sketching the key visual and story elements.

A video pitch

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Lay's Pepsico

Dear contestants,

Thank you very much for your participation in the Lay's project. The ideas that you submitted are very creative, fun and some of them were very fresh. Thanks a lot for your efforts and congratulations to the winners!!!

Lay's Team.

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ericdraven #1 Prêmio
ericdraven 126.710 Pontuação creativa
  • Vídeo
  • Animação

#1 Prêmio de € 15.000 por GOD FORGIVE ME (FINAL 15s VERSION)

Great job done on lots of things: idea, director's effort, execution, casting, acting etc.
We all anjoyed the copy very much and keep watching it :) Thank you.


fedefracchia #2 Prêmio
fedefracchia 17.460 Pontuação creativa
  • Vídeo
  • Escrita Criativa
  • Redação de argumentos

#2 Prêmio de € 9.000 por Mummy (Version B)

This was our first Eyeka Grants contest, and we did our best to produce a truly high-quality ad, one good enough for such a beloved, always-perfectly-stylized brand like Lay's. Overall, we're pretty happy with the result, although the 15" format proved to be a lot harder than we thought. Let's hope eYeka puts out a lot more video projects with Grants, as they're a great way to get great ads done, both for brands and creatives. Thanks again for the opportunity!

Very funny copy and great quality. Thank you.

devonferguson #3 Prêmio
devonferguson 57.250 Pontuação creativa
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  • Escrita Criativa

#3 Prêmio de € 8.000 por Lays - Surprise!

Funny, easy short. Thank you.

Andy777 #4 Prêmio
Andy777 2.250 Pontuação creativa
  • Vídeo

#4 Prêmio de € 7.000 por HOT PROPOSALS

Thank you for your participation.


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