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Inspire women to change their lives as they change their skin’s destiny.

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O concurso terminou em 12 de Abril de 2015
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All women understand the universal truth that their skin will age as they age. However, they still aspire to stay looking young for longer. With SK-II your skin can avoid this fate. A study by SK-II shows that by using SK-II regularly, you will be able to maintain youthful-looking, crystal clear skin. And the younger you start, the younger your skin will look, at any stage in your life. Free from limitations, women can embrace their individuality with the conviction to create their own destiny.

Tell us an emotionally compelling story about what a woman would do differently in her life if she could change her skin’s destiny.  

FORMAT: 1 page including 1 image and 1 paragraph of text (max 130 words).