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Tell us an engaging and surprising story that shows that when you see Lay’s, you want Lay’s!

Início 26 de Março de 2015 Fim 08 de Abril de 2015, 23:59 UTC Deliberação Resultados Maio de 2015
26 de Março de 2015
08 de Abril de 2015, 23:59 UTC
Maio de 2015


Some things in life are just too irresistible. Potato chips are one of them. They’re perfect for making the day brighter and more enjoyable. Lay’s potato chips are loved by all. People can’t help loving them. If you’re really into snacks, you will easily be able to find your favorite flavor, because there are just so many – Lay’s caters to all tastes.

From the unbeatable Classic to the brand new Wasabi Ginger, Lay’s potato chips have that great taste that really makes you want them!

Eyes that catch sight of a packet of Lay’s suddenly light up… Ears that perceive the crumpling of a packet of chips will get excited. Taste buds that experience this wonderful flavor will crave more! Lay’s potato chips are a simple pleasure that lifts your mood and senses!

It’s unmistakable - when you see them, you want them! We want to see how you can bring this idea to life by showing us, in an original way, how irresistible Lay’s chips are!

Desafio Criativo

Interpret Lay’s motto: “when you see them you want them” in a short, impactful and unexpected story that is worth sharing. 

We want to see fun and unexpected stories that bring to life how Lay’s potato chips are irresistible and that when you (or the hero of your idea) see them, you want them!

You are free to present your story in any still format you like. Storyboards, collages, posters, mood boards are accepted and you have to use images and text.

The idea should connect with people that fit the profile of Lay’s lovers- they are optimistic and look for pleasure. They’re youthful in spirit, outgoing, excited about life and have a positive approach to everything they do. Lay’s potato chips are their favorite snack. In front of the TV, with friends, alone, outdoors, in transport or at a party, Lay’s is their ally to look at the bright side of life.

Being irresistible does not mean losing control and getting too crazy. Stay realistic and focus on the food. The hero of your story is Lay’s!

Think about the “sharing” potential of your story! Is it appealing to many people? Can it be understood by a large audience? How will it resonate emotionally? Will it move people or make them smile or laugh?

Your story might be used as the inspiration for an online video of 15 second.

You should go straight to your point and focus on one single message.

Please submit your idea in a presentation with text description and at least one visual. Examples of the visuals include storyboards, collages, posters, and mood boards.

The final video  will be aired globally. Your story hence needs to be universal and not be too culturally specific.


Os exemplos são fornecidos apenas para ilustrar as nossas expectativas. Favor não usá-los em sua apresentação ou ela será rejeitada.

Don’t forget to give us details about your story, which characters are involved, what is happening, where, and how it would look like visually.

As we don’t want to constrict you too much we are not going to give you any good examples, but just a bad example below. You can also look at the recent Lay’s ads in the guidelines to get the spirit of the brand.

Bad example: A man sees someone eating Lay’s and aims a weapon at him to get the Lay’s. Way too extreme and violent. 


Prêmio do Júri

  • #1 Prêmio € 3.000
  • #2 Prêmio € 1.500
  • #3 Prêmio € 500


Presentation with texts and at least 1 visual illustration (maximum 4 PDF page)

Critérios de seleção

Our client will reward the most original stories, ones which would have a strong impact if they were developed into a 15 second video. Also, being true to Lay’s personality will surely help your chances of being shortlisted and potentially winning.


Orientações para esse concurso

  • Keep in mind Lay’s personality. It is optimistic, cheerful, light-hearted and spontaneous.
  • Look at their most recent commercial and another witty one, to get the spirit of the brand.
  • Do not show situations where potato chips normally don’t belong or situations where people are behaving dangerously (driving tractors, riding a bike etc.)
  • Avoid any kind of violence.
  • Don’t show kids and pregnant women.
  • Use the tagline: “When you see them you want them”
  • Brand colors are yellow and red.
  • Entries should be in English.

Orientações habituais da eYeka

  • Não coloque quaisquer detalhes pessoais na criação (nome, número de contato, endereço de e-mail, etc.)
  • Mantenha no seu computador uma versão de alta qualidade da sua criação para ser usada se você for selecionado como vencedor.
  • A sua criação tem que ser o seu próprio trabalho para ser considerada no concurso.
  • Você precisa ter obtido a permissão escrita de cada um dos autores e atores que contribuíram para o mídia.
  • Se você tem algum trabalho (música, fotos, desenhos etc.) que não seja de sua autoria, por favor declare em sua descrição do mídia se a música e/ou imagem(ns) que você usou é(são) sua própria criação e forneça links para a licença concedendo para você os direitos de o(s) usar.
  • eYeka vai lhe pedir para fornecer prova escrita ou uma cópia de todos os documentos escritos que confirmam tais autorizações permitindo a eYeka e os seus clientes de usar a criação em conformidade com os termos do regulamento do concurso.
  • Qualquer criação que não cumprir essas regras não será considerada para o concurso.