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CRUNCH Cereals helps teens get out of trouble! Imagine a video that people watch until the end; and pitch it to us.

Início 27 de Fevereiro de 2015 Fim 15 de Março de 2015, 23:59 UTC Deliberação Resultados Julho de 2015
27 de Fevereiro de 2015
15 de Março de 2015, 23:59 UTC
Março de 2015


The goal of this contest is to select three finalists who will shoot their videos for CRUNCH. 

How does it work? After reading the full brief, you will come up with a story for CRUNCH and pitch it to us, through a video. In order to help us understand the storyline, please show us a storyboard (sketches, pictures) of what the scene would look like.  We will select the best ones and the Brand will pick three finalists. Those three finalists will get production grants (3,000 euros each) that they can use to produce the videos. The finalists selected to produce the videos have a chance to win a prize (Final prizes are 10,000, 6,000 and 3,000 euros for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places)

PRODUCT: With this super crunchiness, unconventional explosive shape and indulgent chocolate taste, Nestlé CRUNCH is THE ally of teens’ breakfast.

TARGET: CRUNCH teens are playful and irreverent. They want to have fun and escape sometimes boring and dull everyday life or social conventions. That’s why they spend time doing pranks and laugh at people they know and savor the laugh right after… ! Yet they are not mean and do not want to cross the line. (see Facebook page)

BACKGROUND: CRUNCH Cereals and chocolate snacks have a great memorable communication, but have not been communicating in France for a long time. They want to leverage your creativity to make a new video for CRUNCH cereals that communicates the crunch effect for teenagers.

In this contest, we are asking you to think about a story that CRUNCH Cereals could tell in this video and to pitch it to us.

Desafio Criativo

Imagine a story about CRUNCH Cereals helping teens getting out of boring situations and/or social conventions. “Pitch” your story to us, letting us know what your final video will look like.

OBJECTIVE: CRUNCH wants to convey that teens are often in tricky situations (embarrassing conversations, awkward moments, boring or too conventional situations) and they wish they could get out of them.

CRUNCH ROLE: to get teens out of these moments. Due to its incomparable crunchiness, CRUNCH explodes in their mouth and this creates a physical effect on the teens and their environment (= the CRUNCH effect) that helps them solve the situation in a funny way. The reality can be exaggerated, but please be careful not to make the situation be turned by magic.

Crunchiness is key, as you have understood. It’s an attitude and a way of life and it’s above all what makes CRUNCH cereals unique in comparison to all others cereals. 

It needs to be central in your story, a unifying thread. The tangible crunchiness of CRUNCH Cereals should be clearly seen as what makes the moment have a twist in the tail.  

OUTPUT: The final 30 sec video will be played as “pre-roll” on YouTube.

Here are mandatory elements for the final video:

  • The situation should feel true to the consumer. Teens shall identify themselves in their daily routine/conventions/situation
  • The crunchiness of the product is not just aspirational, it should have a physical and tangible effect.
  • We want our audience to watch the video to the end (even if YouTube allows them to skip it). That’s why you need to have a hook that features the brand in the very first seconds.
  • Think about “crunch effect” like this:
    • Situation A: context or issue to solve
    • Consumption of CRUNCH.
    • Situation B: impact of the crunchiness on the situation.

We are asking you to “pitch” your story through a video that explains the WHAT (story), the HOW (shooting technique you plan to use) and the WHY (what you’ve done before, link to some videos about similar topics or other topics with same shooting technique).

Tell us why you think we should give YOU the grants.

Don’t produce the final video yet! Just the pitch! Ask for details about the expected format of your pitch.


Os exemplos são fornecidos apenas para ilustrar as nossas expectativas. Favor não usá-los em sua apresentação ou ela será rejeitada.

What moment? What feelings? What characters? How does the crunchiness of CRUNCH get teens out of trouble? How does crunchiness link to the story?

This is up to you, and this is what we want to hear from you!

Since we don't want to limit your creativity to express the Crunch effect for this brief, we are only giving you a bad example: Anything not true to the communication idea, such as a teenager who magically turns his parents into huge cereals to avoid a difficult conversation. We are not into a fantasy world. It’s the real world and we want to make teens laugh. It’s not only mental. Something tangible is really happening, that saves the situation.


Prêmio do Júri

  • #1 Prêmio € 10.000 + € 3.000 grant
  • #2 Prêmio € 6.000 + € 3.000 grant
  • #3 Prêmio € 3.000 + € 3.000 grant

Finalistas selecionados recebem bolsas para cobrir as suas despesas de produção.


Pitch video featuring storyboards or pictures.

Click here for more information on the pitch format. 

Critérios de seleção

The jury will select video makers based on the story they pitch and previous project work you have done and that could help us anticipate what you can do. Be true to the brand CRUNCH and to the communication concept.


Orientações para esse concurso

  • The starting situation is something very common and daily. Nothing exceptional or a big event.
  • There must be an element of surprise. What happens is unexpected and hilarious.
  • The final video must be catchy and absolutely hilarious and very original.
  • The mandatory tone of voice is irreverence.
  • It addresses French teens aged between 13 and 17 years.
  • Don’t incriminate teens. They haven’t done anything bad.
  • Keep in mind that we are talking about Crunch Breakfast Cereals, NOT Crunch chocolate bars.
  • These cereals are consumed mostly at breakfast, in a bowl, with cold milk. Feel free to use visual cues that refers to breakfast.
  • You’re free to suggest a tagline for CRUNCH cereals if you’d like to.
  • The main color of Crunch Cereals is Blue & Red.
  • Entries are accepted in English and French but the final film will have to be in French.
  • Do not create a mascot (like a Crunch character….)
  • Don’t portray characters wasting food.
  • Avoid showing overconsumption of the product.

Orientações habituais da eYeka

  • Não coloque quaisquer detalhes pessoais na criação (nome, número de contato, endereço de e-mail, etc.)
  • Mantenha no seu computador uma versão de alta qualidade da sua criação para ser usada se você for selecionado como vencedor.
  • A sua criação tem que ser o seu próprio trabalho para ser considerada no concurso.
  • Você precisa ter obtido a permissão escrita de cada um dos autores e atores que contribuíram para o mídia.
  • Se você tem algum trabalho (música, fotos, desenhos etc.) que não seja de sua autoria, por favor declare em sua descrição do mídia se a música e/ou imagem(ns) que você usou é(são) sua própria criação e forneça links para a licença concedendo para você os direitos de o(s) usar.
  • eYeka vai lhe pedir para fornecer prova escrita ou uma cópia de todos os documentos escritos que confirmam tais autorizações permitindo a eYeka e os seus clientes de usar a criação em conformidade com os termos do regulamento do concurso.
  • Qualquer criação que não cumprir essas regras não será considerada para o concurso.