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Inspire cancer patients to express their pain to their doctors and loved ones and receive better treatment.

Create an inspirational story that will convince cancer patients to voice out their pain to their doctors and loved ones, so that they can get better treatment and be released of their symptoms.

Video or Animation – 60 seconds max.

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Shionogi Shionogi

First, let us express our deep appreciation to many creators who participated to our contest.

As the theme of the contest, sending a message to cancer patients, was challenging and we did not have any information on entries until the closing date of the contest, we were uncertain whether many creators would participate, and what kind of entries would be submitted.

After closing the contest, we are truly delighted to find many high quality and excellent works that blows away our anxiety. We watched all the entries over and over to screen winners. There were many comments and it was extremely difficult to select top three entries. Unfortunately, there were many great entries that were highly evaluated by the Screening Committee besides winners. We will utilize submitted works for our activation to achieve our objective aiming “cancer patients to be released from pain.” Again, thank you very much to all of you who participated to the contest.

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#1 Prêmio de € 7.000

Congratulations on winning the first place. Among many excellent works, your work was significantly impactful. This work ensures to deliver “brave spirit to communicate pains” via unique characters with smooth music. Thank you very much for presenting your fantastic work.

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Estados Unidos

#2 Prêmio de € 5.000

Congratulations on winning the second place. Your work is filled with warmth, and it is impressive conveying the message that cancer patients enduring pain could finally communicate his pain with a help of his granddaughter! Thank you very much for presenting your excellent work.

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#3 Prêmio de € 3.000

Congratulations on winning the third place. There are patients who cannot talk about pain and suffer and endure from not being able to do things. We believe your work addresses “importance to communicate” to those patients. Tender smile during a nap is very charming. This work should encourage us to keep saying “Now, I can do it!” Thank you very much for presenting us your excellent work.


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Thank you for your participation. We have many good quality videos with meaningful message to help cancer patients to share about their pain. Thank you for doing your part for them.

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