Clear Japan Women Concurso terminado

Entice Japanese women to shift from being “kawaii” because being strong is beautiful!

Início 19 de Dezembro de 2014 Fim 08 de Fevereiro de 2015, 23:59 UTC Deliberação Resultados Abril de 2015
19 de Dezembro de 2014
08 de Fevereiro de 2015, 23:59 UTC
Março de 2015

Clear Japan Women extended

23 de Janeiro, 10:18

This contest has been extended by one week until 8th February 2015 to give you more time to come up with awesome ideas. So take up the challenge and get creative!



When a woman in her twenties gets into her thirties, she does not want to be “kawaii” anymore (“kawaii” means “cute” in Japanese). She wants to be a woman who has strength of character, confident about who she is and what she wants while being beautiful, elegant and feminine. And the most powerful symbol of her new found strength, as a woman is her hair.

In Japan, CLEAR shampoo is known to provide deep nourishment to women’s hair from the scalp. CLEAR provides nourishment to the scalp as deep as 3 layers into it. Thus the hair is strengthened from the roots where it is made. The result is hair that is genuinely strong, beautiful and exudes confidence and style.

We need your help to create buzz among Japanese women by letting them know that “kawaii” is over, and that strong, stylish hair is a beautiful way to express their inner strength, thanks to CLEAR.

Desafio Criativo

Entice Japanese women to try CLEAR shampoo with an idea or activity (online, outdoor or in shops) where they could experience for themselves that they need to shift from being “kawaii” (cute) to experience that being strong is beautiful.  

Moving from just being cute to being stylish, confident and elegant does not mean becoming boring… Be bold and daring so that women can see they can retain the energy and quirkiness of their younger self but with added sophistication!

Before you can entice women to try a product, you need to get their attention. Can you create an environment, a message, a context that they will notice? An idea that will quickly engage them, that will communicate what this product is about, and make them want to give you a few minutes of their precious time?

Don’t forget that these women are busy so anything that takes too long or is too complex is unlikely to work.

You can suggest both ideas for digital and outdoor (offline) activities, or ideas that connect both. With regards to digital activities, please think about what CLEAR could do on popular online, on Youtube, instant messaging, photo sharing apps, on social networks, on other apps or on smartphones. With regards to shopping or outdoor activities, think of ways we can surprise women that are outside (not in their office or at home). These can be in shopping malls, in supermarkets, at public places such as streets, public transportation, shopping districts, etc.

Do not talk about dandruff! We only want to talk about CLEAR providing deep nourishment for strong, beautiful hair. Your idea has to be engaging and something that women would want to try and share with their friends.


Os exemplos são fornecidos apenas para ilustrar as nossas expectativas. Favor não usá-los em sua apresentação ou ela será rejeitada.

Example: Imagine a giant fan installed in a busy subway station with models posing in front of it, like an art installation. The models are looking fabulous despite the wind blowing on their hair. Brand ambassadors will be at hand to give away vouchers to women who pass-by so that they could try the shampoo for themselves. People taking picture of the event and tagging it #CLEARwomen will stand a chance to win a free consultation with a top hairstylist.


Prêmio do Júri

  • #1 Prêmio € 3.000
  • #2 Prêmio € 1.500
  • #3 Prêmio € 500


PDF – Maximum 5 pages.

Critérios de seleção

We want to show that it is not enough just being cute/kawaii anymore… The best ideas will cleverly and creatively show that strong hair is a sign of being a beautiful, confident woman, while creating a big buzz. We are looking for original digital ideas, promotional ideas, social media campaigns or activities where women will walk away wanting to try CLEAR shampoo. Just giving away samples or throwing “a street party” will not qualify.


Orientações para esse concurso

  • Think of ideas that are easy to implement.
  • Use some dominant colours that match with the brand’s communication in Japan such as black, vivid pink (which are the colors of the packaging), shiny blue (which give a expert/scientific tone), tones of urban cities at night…
  • Entries in English only. 
  • You must include the CLEAR logo in your entry. You can download it here.

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  • Mantenha no seu computador uma versão de alta qualidade da sua criação para ser usada se você for selecionado como vencedor.
  • A sua criação tem que ser o seu próprio trabalho para ser considerada no concurso.
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  • Se você tem algum trabalho (música, fotos, desenhos etc.) que não seja de sua autoria, por favor declare em sua descrição do mídia se a música e/ou imagem(ns) que você usou é(são) sua própria criação e forneça links para a licença concedendo para você os direitos de o(s) usar.
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