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Grab a camera and encourage love struck viewers to be bold this Valentine’s by showing off your edgy romantic moves!

Make Cupid proud by choosing a passionate act, grabbing a camera and showing-off your bold move .

Video – 2 min max (you can make it shorter, keep it dynamic and engaging), quality is not an issue (you can use a phone camera or camcorder).

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Close Up Unilever

Thank you for all the wonderful submissions! All of us felt the love and warmth radiate through your films. We hope everyone had an amazing Valentine's day :)

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nicolasivan #1 Prêmio
nicolasivan 131.860 Pontuação creativa
  • Vídeo
  • Escrita Criativa
  • Fotografia
  • Redação de argumentos

#1 Prêmio de € 1.500 por Long distance delivery

I am very happy to have won this contest, it is the first time I win a 1st prize in Eyeka and so it has a lot of meaning besides the actual prize. I am glad I have found this community of creators, since it really encourages me to learn new things and to became more creative to participate on the contest. I would say that anyone wanting to develop their creative side should give it a go, at least for the fun of it. Thanks again to you and the team! 


We loved the cinematography and story behind the film.

Close Up
geraldroebroeks #2 Prêmio
geraldroebroeks 268.880 Pontuação creativa
  • Vídeo
  • Animação
  • Fotografia
  • Redação de argumentos

#2 Prêmio de € 1.000 por Valintine's Day Treasure Hunt 2

I am delighted to be chosen as one of the winners amongst such great entries. We had to improvise a lot because of the very strong winds and heavy rain on the night we were filming but thanks to the flexibility of my crew and actress we managed to get it done. Many thanks to the people at Closeup and Eyeka for making the competition possible! 

Engaging and fun to watch.

Close Up
raunopolman #3 Prêmio
raunopolman 26.510 Pontuação creativa
  • Vídeo
  • Animação
  • Escrita Criativa
  • Fotografia
  • Redação de argumentos

#3 Prêmio de € 1.000 por You can't say no to PANDA



Close Up
jackjones #4 Prêmio
jackjones 135.020 Pontuação creativa
  • Vídeo
  • Escrita Criativa
  • Fotografia
  • Redação de argumentos

#4 Prêmio de € 750 por Give her a surprise

Original and artistic.

Close Up
mamtav #5 Prêmio
mamtav 19.960 Pontuação creativa
  • Design Gráfico
  • Ilustração
  • Escrita Criativa
  • Design de Embalagem e Etiqueta

#5 Prêmio de € 750 por Love in Colours

What I like best about participating in eYeka contests is that I get to see different exciting ideas; artists and designers from so many different countries come with with. Its like a platform to know better and feel connected. Thanks eYeka. Excited about my first win!


Close Up

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  • nicolasivan Classificação 1 nicolasivan 131.860 Pontuação creativa
  • jackjones Classificação 2 jackjones 135.020 Pontuação creativa
  • raunopolman Classificação 3 raunopolman 26.510 Pontuação creativa

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