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Create the ideal space for men to get them to care about their appearance!

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30 de Outubro de 2014
17 de Novembro de 2014, 23:59 UTC
Janeiro de 2015


When it comes to personal grooming, some men go for the bare minimum - shower, soap and hair wash, while others love to experiment with various creams to moisturize and protect their skin. But regardless of their personal routines, all men want to look and feel better, especially at certain moments in their lives. The problem is that most beauty brands don't adapt their approach to men and don’t really make a connection with them. Whether it is the in-store experience, demonstrations in a pharmacy or the way brands market to them, male beauty brands can do a better job of attracting them and getting them to care about maintaining their appearance.

Unilever, one of the world leading companies in beauty and personal care, wants to attract the existing attitude by creating a beauty space designed for guys. Ideally it would appeal to them, get them excited and motivate them to buy more. Can you help design such a concept?

Desafio Criativo

Design the ideal pop-up space for men only, with special products, services and advice related to personal care, grooming and beauty!

Unilever has a variety of grooming products and brands designed for men including hair care, skin care, cleansers, body wash, deodorants, oral care and more. You must choose at least one product and suggest a way of serving it differently to get more men to recognize the need for the product(s).

Some of the brands include: Axe, Rexona, Clear, Consort, Dove, Degree, Signal and many more.

Your pop-up space will be temporary and could be set up anywhere and at anytime. Think streets, offices, clubs, someone’s house, fire brigades, shopping malls, football stadiums… anywhere and anytime men would feel the need for grooming.

Identify key “male moments” such as job interviews, dates, social events, etc. Then think of designing relevant retail interfaces such as sports arenas, supermarkets, business districts, etc.

Suggest ways of connecting the chosen environments and product to men by including promotions, promoters, demonstrations or a different product layout. You can also use non-traditional sales representatives such as corporate image consultants. Your suggestions can cover a range of different forms of engagement - in person, in groups, communities, or a wider audience through digital tools.

Your ideas should be original and exciting to guys. You’re welcome to offer anything that would be suitable to the chosen venue and moment so long as it makes men interested in the products.

Your entry must include:

  • Details of the location of the pop-up space  and why you think men would find it relevant at this particular place and point of time.
  • A visual that shows the overall space and how it is laid out.
  • Explanations about what happens in that space and the experience men would get inside.
  • A visual that shows how products for sale and trial are displayed.
  • Anything that explains what your suggested ales promoters or promotions are like.
  • Explanations about why you think this is better than the existing offers.


Os exemplos são fornecidos apenas para ilustrar as nossas expectativas. Favor não usá-los em sua apresentação ou ela será rejeitada.

For example you could imagine a pop-up space in a busy office complex, where men who would be coming in for job interviews, or to prepare themselves for important meetings or presentations could pop in whenever they like. The space will be small but have an expert at hand who could give you advice about products based on your immediate needs, and skin type. You could also get a quick haircut, face and hand treatments and some styling advice. The place will also offer healthy beverages to perk you up and have some good reads while you are waiting. There will be a selection of products specially prepared for executives with clear labels and instructions that you can try before purchasing. And you will be able to wash your hands or face in case you don’t like them. The pop-up space will rotate among the top business offices in each city over a period of one year and will advertise its location on social media. People could also book appointments to talk to a care consultant in advance.


Prêmio do Júri

  • #1 Prêmio € 3.000
  • #2 Prêmio € 1.500
  • #3 Prêmio € 500


Presentation with text and illustrations in PDF maximum 5 pages.

Critérios de seleção

Unilever is looking for fresh ideas and insights into what men really want when it comes to personal care, grooming and beauty. To win, your idea must show great understanding of what men want, explained in detail, and be an original way to create a new experience that will make purchasing products more appealing for men. We are also looking for ideas that are implementable and not extremely expensive to create. Keep in mind that ideas that have an extensive impact and will reach people all across the world, would be rated high. Think beyond existing stores to create a new, better experience that will get guys all over the world engaged.


Orientações para esse concurso

  • Entries in English only.
  • Please include visuals in your entry in addition to comprehensive explanations.
  • Please choose at least one product/brand.

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