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How can Estée Lauder play a treasured role during the beauty moments of Asian women?

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“It’s Monday morning… Oh my! It’s always a stressful time. I have to finalize my presentation for this afternoon, schedule 2 business trips with VIP clients and meet my yoga friends for a quick drink… So many things to do and I just can’t get myself to shake off the weekend… So before I dive into the day, I take a quick, pleasant moment for myself. I put on some relaxing music, and devote time to my beauty. First I wash my face with Perfectly Clean. It cleanses and refreshes me. Then I apply my Ultimate Lift Age-Correcting Mask. It helps me return to my true self. I’m now fully awake and I feel ready to take on the week!”

This was a peep into an Asian woman’s incredibly busy schedule - juggling her career, social life and responsibilities. But she loves feeling and looking good, so she’ll always find a bit of time for her beauty rituals – whenever she can afford to take them. Taking care of her beauty empowers her; it boosts her confidence and allows her to escape the demands of her day, for a few precious moments.

Estée Lauder needs your help with identifying other unique and valued moments that Asian women could enjoy.

How can the brand play a more active role that women will cherish and embrace during these occasions? Whether at home, in the morning, in the office, during travel, in a social setting or to wind-down after a long day, how can the beauty brand Estée Lauder reach out to Asian women in a relevant manner, throughout their day? What existing or new beauty moments could Estée Lauder sponsor and enhance with original activities and suggestions? We can’t wait to hear your beautiful ideas!

Desafio Criativo

A beauty moment is like a breath of fresh air for the modern Asian woman. What activities can Estée Lauder offer her to do during these moments that she will cherish and fit into her busy schedule?

You can create new beauty routines that women would adopt as they are absolutely essential and suitable to their lives. Alternatively, you can use existing routines and make them more special to women, by suggesting something Estée Lauder could offer and provide. Your idea must consider their lifestyle and schedule as well as their desires – we want women to truly implement and adopt these activities.

Please keep in mind that Estée Lauder offers skin care, make-up and fragrances. Your moments should make use of one or more of these products. Find out more about the products here.

We’re looking forward to your offline and online suggestions (or ideally, connect the both).

Help us understand your entry by addressing the following items in your submission:   

  1. Give a short description of your main character (where in Asia is she from? What is she like?)
  2. Please describe the moment you chose – when, where, with whom, how often?
  3. Please portray the moment – what is the activity? What role is Estée Lauder playing? How does it enhance her the woman’s beauty? How does it make the moment even better?
  4. Please include special elements or activities that will make the experience even more enjoyable (online features, package additions, social engagement, in-store experience, etc.)

Your idea must appeal to the Estée Lauder Asian woman - She is modern, urban, on-the-go, feels and looks youthful – regardless of her age, has an appetite for life and wants to enjoy every single part of it. She is busy and therefore treasures every moment. She’s well-read and well-traveled. Dazzle her with fresh ideas that fit her lifestyle and special interests – get into her mind and help her look and feel her most beautiful self.


Os exemplos são fornecidos apenas para ilustrar as nossas expectativas. Favor não usá-los em sua apresentação ou ela será rejeitada.

Look for insights online that will help you understand Asian women’s lifestyle. Try to identify time slots that they dedicate to themselves (travel, children, dates, etc.) and suggest an experience that they would absolutely love!

Here are 4 beauty trends that modern Asian women relate to:

  1. Curiosity in the new | need to be surprised and excited with innovations and original ideas.
  2. Ritualism | an effective routine that is easily integrated into their life.
  3. Me time | personal time dedicated to improving and maintaining their beauty.
  4. Lasting efficacy | easy, holistic solutions that fit their lifestyle.                             

Think of ideas that would appeal to the character guidelines above and relate to the beauty trends.

Some examples:

  1. Before stepping into an important meeting (with men mostly), she will grab a few minutes in the bathroom to freshen up her makeup so that she feels confident she’s at her best to take on the meeting. What could Estée Lauder do to empower women at the workplace and feel confident with others? An example would be to have a dedicated separate area in a department store for working women who need a moment to freshen up during lunchtime.
  2. Even though it’s the middle of the week, she never says no to a night out with her friends. She comes home, puts on her favorite music, lights the candles and jumps into the shower. She’s a bit tired but she uses a moisturizer to freshen up and uses an anti-blemish (her friends always post pictures on Facebook). Could Estée Lauder have a special page on Facebook where people could share their glamorous shots on a night out? Could the brand add a booklet of ideas on how women could freshen up after work, before going out, with a QR code that leads to a fun playlist to listen to during preparation?

A bad example: a discount on Estée Lauder products for her birthday when she visits a shop (boring and overused).


Prêmio do Júri

  • #1 Prêmio € 4.000
  • #2 Prêmio € 3.000
  • #3 Prêmio € 2.000
  • #4 Prêmio € 2.000
  • #5 Prêmio € 1.000


A presentation with your ideas (5 pages MAX). Please include at least 1 Illustrations/design sketch.

Critérios de seleção

The goal of this brief is to suggest original, interesting and creative ways for Estée Lauder to connect with Asian women through new activities and original promotions. Instead of just asking them to make time and to include Estée Lauder products in their lives, we want to find the moments that are convenient and ideal for them to focus on their beauty and offer them even better ways to spend this time thanks to an activity that Estée Lauder could own. Think fresh, inspiring and relevant to modern Asian women.

As mentioned above, the ideal entry includes ideas that can exist both offline and online.


Orientações para esse concurso

  • Please write your entries in English.
  • Keep your ideas in line with the Estée Lauder woman profile.
  • Please address the 4 questions from the brief section.
  • Use the mentioned beauty trends for inspiration.
  • Please refrain from talking about cliché occasions like Valentine’s Day, wedding, mother’s day, Christmas, Chinese New Year or birthdays.

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