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Use your creative spark to reinvent the connection between the things you care about and your money.

Think about your lifestyle and how you fund it… Can you use your creative spark to reinvent the connection between the things you care about and your money?

Text/with Illustrations (PDF)

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Dear Participants,

Wow, your work exceeded our expectations!

We came to you, in part because we are surrounded by people with experience and mindset much like each other, and thinking of new ways to do what we do everyday does not come naturally.
We are launching a new venture (within an established business) and are focused on setting free from the past. You guys have been extremely creative!

This was our first engagement with this community. We struggled with how much information to offer. In the end, we went to the extreme of providing very little of what we had to say, and it worked out very well. You took the limited information and transformed it into a wide range of ideas and thinking.

What we like best was how you thought from the perspective of the customer, and gave us a range of ideas, communicated creatively and effectively, which solve the day to day problems and opportunities from the experience and psychology of a customer.

Some entries were very comprehensive, starting from before and ending after the traditional “role of money”, and covering all the connected topics within the portions directly related money. We have been working actively with your ideas.

We have shaped 7 new experiences we plan to offer our customers, and have been working in teams to scout your entries and lift components to integrate across our plans.

Unsurprisingly, the best and worst part of this entire contest was selecting the winners. We don’t believe there are any ideas where we haven’t taken some features, ideas, and inspiration. Going through them again to select winners was fun and refreshing. But what was worrisome was picking four, because we did not want to send a message to the others that their input was not impactful to our work.

In particular, it was challenging when different ideas touched on different aspects of a similar theme; which do you recognise? Or when an idea was extremely well thought through, but narrow in scope. We use the detail, but then we took the broader theme from another entry; again, which do you recognise?

We thank your community for your energy and engagement in this contest!
We want to recognise everyone who contributed, and the thinking you have offered us.

Thank you!

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Ivan_Holden #1 Prêmio
Ivan_Holden 0 Pontuação creativa
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#1 Prêmio de € 4.000

Great insight into balancing wants nows versus fiscal responsibility. You have brought forward the battle with ourselves, and made it fun. Creative, clever idea with lots of fun details ("feels like Christmas"), presentation. You also thought of design and interface which is extremely important for consumers.

A marca
annemm11 #2 Prêmio
annemm11 56.620 Pontuação creativa
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#2 Prêmio de € 2.000

I’m very honored that I have won the 2nd place. It’s very exciting because it’s my first winning. The participating and winning in this contest raised my confidence in myself.

I would like to thank the organizing brand and eYeka community for this wonderful experience.

The end to end thinking about travel will be appreciated by customers as it enables them to create life moments, sponsored by the us. It can establish us as an empowering and helpful partner, motivating savings and spending of hard-earned money on enjoyable endeavors (can lead to a positioning of a true life partner - in good and bad we're there). We like the customer centricity embedded throughout and comprehensiveness of the thinking.

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roussefrancois2 #3 Prêmio
roussefrancois2 0 Pontuação creativa
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#3 Prêmio de € 1.000

Great example of understanding of human psychology. We feel the semi-"humanified" coach brings the realism of a person giving suggestions with the anonymity of still being an automated service. Proactive, relevant advice, given by a friend that you trust.

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chintami #4 Prêmio
chintami 0 Pontuação creativa
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#4 Prêmio de € 500

I was very happy to be the 4th winner, as usually there are 3 prizes, or usually 5. But this one is 4. This has become a unique award which exists and I was grateful I got it.

My sister and friend also participated in this contest but didn’t win. So besides feeling grateful, I want to assume this winning is also their winning as well.

This victory has motivated me (and us) to participate in next contest, and hard work finally pays off. Thank you!

Bold thinking to look at the end-to-end process for both the buyer and the seller. We like the logically structured flow of thinking from "what do you need" which we can empower with personalised analytics.

For small businesses launch, we love the 10 steps, covering everything fairly comprehensively including connecting supplier markets and connecting to customers. The whole submission was complemented with well done imagery. The smart-spending and pricing aspects will help position us as a caring and responsible partner, which we are trying to be. There is enough good thinking in here to keep us busy for years.

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