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Show us why second-hand items are the smartest buy!

Find an inventive and unique way to express the value of second-hand items -through a print-ad; and imagine how your idea can be developed in real life and on-line.

Images, illustrations and text (3 pages max. PDF only) 

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ebay Ebay

Dear eYeka community,

on behalf of eBay Marketing in Europe we'd like to thank you all for your participation.

eBay 2nd hand is such an important topic for our company and we were delighted by the many outstanding and eye-opening contributions.

We will continue working with eYeka and keep the eYeka team up-to-date on further progress as a result of this contest.

Thanks again, 

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albinsalkic #1 Prêmio
albinsalkic 93.890 Pontuação creativa
  • Vídeo
  • Escrita Criativa

#1 Prêmio de € 4.000

I am a copywriter with 12 years of experience working  in advertising industry, director of several commercials, music videos and one short movie.  Currently I work as a freelancer.

I found out about eYeka when searching the web for contests.  I was looking for a way to work on projects that I am really interested in, not the one I was assigned to.

I am pretty new as an eYeka member, so it makes me very happy to see my idea already winning.  It makes me even more happy cause the entries that competed were of high quality level and I personally liked many of them.

I would advise other creatives to study by analyzing other people work and to work as much as they can, cause training makes perfect and eYeka is a really great place to do so. It offers you a wide range of different kind of projects and there is always something that gets you hooked on.

We selected this idea because of the underlying insight of The moment we buy a new item, it's no longer new! This insight has surprised us and has put a completely new light on second hand shopping.

banukiremitci #2 Prêmio
banukiremitci 40 Pontuação creativa
  • Vídeo
  • Escrita Criativa

#2 Prêmio de € 2.000

eYeka was recomended to me from my designer friends:)

As a freelance writer, I don't get to work with eBay everyday! so, thank you eYeka for this wonderful opportunity. eYeka is one of my love brands and the brief was crystal clear. It was a pleasure to brainstorm the concept.

For the ''beginners'', my one and only advice is to focus on the brief. the rest will come:)

'Who will know?' is a strong concept and in particular the event idea has delighted us, simply because no-one would know!

gnob #3 Prêmio
gnob 3.040 Pontuação creativa
  • Design Gráfico
  • Ilustração
  • Escrita Criativa
  • Design de Embalagem e Etiqueta

#3 Prêmio de € 2.000

This is my first win in eYeka!
The closest I got was when I got to be one of the 4 finalists in the Hyundai contest.
Since then I challenge myself to win in eYeka. So this win is very special to me.

My advise is don't quit and don't stop improving.
If you do that you'll eventually win.

Thanks for this opportunity.
Looking forward to more contest and more wins!
Again thank you and more power.

This idea was selected because of the beautiful and simple creative execution - single-minded, but powerful.

Publicomano #4 Prêmio
Publicomano 23.060 Pontuação creativa
  • Design Gráfico
  • Vídeo
  • Ilustração
  • Animação
  • Escrita Criativa
  • Design de Embalagem e Etiqueta
  • Fotografia
  • Redação de argumentos

#4 Prêmio de € 1.000

A strong insight behind this idea that inspired the team internally to further think into this direction.

oharud_36 #5 Prêmio
oharud_36 30 Pontuação creativa
  • Design Gráfico
  • Vídeo
Coreia do Sul

#5 Prêmio de € 1.000

Outstanding creative execution.


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