Pringles Video Concurso terminado

Show us what you can do with Pringles (apart from eating them) in a video?

€ 18.500
O concurso terminou em 26 de Março de 2014
Vídeo - Animação

Pringles? Everyone knows those stackable snack chips that are always associated with partying, fun and joy.

We want to encourage people to be imaginative with their Pringles besides simply eating them. The brand has a simple message: “You don’t just eat them, you play with them!”. How do YOU interpret this message from Pringles?

Create a hilarious or incredibly surprising video or animation of your own interpretation of:

“You don’t just eat ‘em, you_____ ‘em!” Fill-in the blank and illustrate this statement. Your video needs to reflect the fun that goes with Pringles.

Format: Videos or animation, no longer than 40 sec