Dirt is Good Concurso terminado

Show mums why dirt is good!

€ 15.000
O concurso terminou em 25 de Setembro de 2012
Design Gráfico - Vídeo - Animação

In life, you often learn valuable lessons in unconventional situations, especially when you are a child. You learn to help when you climb up a tree to get the neighbor’s kite that is stuck in the branches. You learn to create when you splash watercolors onto walls. You learn to find your way and be strong when you get lost in a muddy park. The dirt and stains you get in these unconventional moments make for valuable and memorable lessons, like the ones mums like to teach their children about.

Tell us an unconventional and surprising story about how a resourceful mum creatively teaches her child(ren) an important lesson, through dirt and stains.

FORMAT: Video/animations up to 60 seconds, pictures, illustrations, photographs.