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Create a Modern Logo That Inspires Happiness for the Ülker Brand.

Ülker, a powerful brand that dates back to 1944, is one of the best-loved brand names in Turkey. Ülker is popularly known for its chocolates and biscuits and they also make a variety of other products as well. Ülker is a strong and trusted brand that is associated with “happy moments that make you smile.” Turkish people of all ages and backgrounds have a favorable memories associated with Ülker products.

Your challenge is to create a modern logo that inspires happiness for the Ülker brand.

Format: Print, illustrations or sketches

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Ulker Ulker

Thx for the great work. Our choice reflected the most distinctive options which delivered the brief.

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I am happy to be second in this contest! Especially when I saw that there were hundreds of entries … I no longer believed I would make it.

I've been active on eYeka for a few months, the two prices I won will be invested in gear to produce better designs (computer, software, video …). Good luck to all and I hope you will see me on the winners page again soon :) Greetings to the whole tribe eYeka around the globe.

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