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Início 27 de Junho de 2011 Fim 08 de Setembro de 2011, 21:59 UTC Deliberação Resultados Outubro de 2011
27 de Junho de 2011
08 de Setembro de 2011, 21:59 UTC
Outubro de 2011


Help us tell our story to the World.
The Pond’s Institute is a proudly independent group of scientists that ensures that all Pond’s innovations meet the highest scientific and consumer safety standards. We have been leading the scientific community in understanding skin and beauty since 1846. Through our research, we have created many world’ firsts and scientific breakthroughs... but very few people know about us.


Your challenge is to take our scientific stories and bring them to life in a way that is entertaining and appealing to the average consumer. Select one or more of the stories here and bring them to life in a 60 - 90 second video or animation that tells the story of the Pond’s Institute.

Please click here for relevant images for each story.


60 – 90 second video/animation


Be as creative as you like - and have as much fun creating your entry as our scientists have creating their products. Remember that you are talking to average consumers, not scientists (don’t make a science class video!) All videos/animations must have an end frame where the Pond’s Institute logo appears for at least 3 seconds and feature our website address: www.pondsinstitute.com

Note: You can include a segment video of the door opening to Pond's Institute in your entry.


1st Prize: USD 5,000
2nd Prize: USD 3,000
3rd Prize: USD 2,000

Time for Upload

Start Date: 27 June 2011, 6:00 PM (GMT)
End Date: 8 September 2011 @ 11:59 PM (GMT)

Entry specification

- Minimum 640x480 PAL, MOV / WMV / AVI / MP4
- Encoding: MPEG 4, H.264, XVID, Video Rate: 400 kb/s minimum
- Audio Rate: 64 kb/s
- Duration of your work should be 60-90 seconds
- If you are selected as a winner, you must supply the original working files in 720p and 1080p High Definition version, so make sure to keep an HD or uncompressed MOV version of your work.

Do’s & Don’ts

- If you’re using text/subtitles in your work, it must be in English
- No restrictions on the number of submissions per participant
- Entries must be original and exclusive to the participant, true and verifiable
- You MUST use music and images that are rights-free. It is your duty to ensure that all elements you use do not infringe any copyrights. Please include the following statement on your media description bloc once you have uploaded your work: “All elements used in part or in whole have rights cleared for usage in the Pond’s Institute Call for Entries”
- eYeka Asia has the right to reject entries containing obscene, racist, unethical, dangerous, violent or legally objectionable material, or material that may infringe upon any person’s personal or property rights. Such entries will be immediately disqualified and not allowed on the Call for Entries.

Entries that do not meet the above listed criterion will be disqualified. For any further questions, please send an email to: community.asia@eyeka.com


Prêmio do Júri

  • #1 Prêmio € 3.500
  • #2 Prêmio € 2.000
  • #3 Prêmio € 1.500