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15 de Junho de 2011
26 de Julho de 2011, 21:59 UTC
Novembro de 2011

I am XYZ, a brand new drink that will be launched in the Indian market in a few months. I am a delicious water based drink that restores your body, mind, and mood. My crystal clear water is enriched with proprietary blend of vitamins and minerals to deeply hydrate your body and give it nutrition.

My stimulating fruit flavors and aroma will awaken your mind and uplift your mood. I come in a uniquely shaped, cool, light blue bottle. You'll want to drink me anytime, anywhere.


If you are cool, confident, passionate and optimistic, a self believer and enjoys opportunities, (small or big), then I'm the one for you. Show us how I can be your reliable companion to go through the day, anytime, anywhere to fully replenished you so you will always be ready, through a 30 to 45 sec TV ad.

For example: A guy is dragging his feet to work on a hot and humid day. He drinks the XYZ and instantly feels reinvigorated and starts a great daily journey.

Be as original and creative as possible!


30 – 45 sec video/animation


- I am NOT an energy booster and neither am I carbonated. I’m healthier.
- Target audience: Your entry should appeal to Indians who are young at heart, working or still in college, active, progressive, passionate in life and have many dreams ahead (sharpen with discussions yet).
- The tone of voice of your entry should be persuasive, uniquely different but not over the top, spirited and positive (Inviting and not teaching).
- All entries must include the XYZ packshot.


First prize: EUR 3,500
Second prize: EUR 2,500
Third prize: EUR 1,500


Start Date: 14 June 2011, 6:00 PM (GMT)
End Date: 26 July 2011 @ 11:59 PM (GMT)


- Minimum 640x480 PAL, MOV / WMV / AVI / MP4,
- Encoding: MPEG 4, H.264, XVID, Video Rate: 400 kb/s minimum
- Audio Rate: 64 kb/s
- Duration of your work should be 30-45 seconds

If you are selected as a winner, you must supply the original working files in 720p and 1080p High Definition version, so make sure to keep an HD or uncompressed MOV version of your work.


- If you’re using text/subtitles in your work, it must be in English
- No restrictions on the number of submissions per participant
- Entries must be original and exclusive to the participant, true and verifiable
- You MUST use music and images that are rights-free. It is your duty to ensure that all elements you use do not infringe any copyrights. Please include the following statement on your media description bloc once you have uploaded your work: “All elements used in part or in whole have rights cleared for usage in the XYZ Drink Call for Entries”
- eYeka Asia has the right to reject entries containing obscene, racist, unethical, dangerous, violent or legally objectionable material, or material that may infringe upon any person’s personal or property rights. Such entries will be immediately disqualified and not allowed on the Call for Entries.

Entries that do not meet the above listed criterion will be disqualified. For any further questions, please send an email to:


Contestants undertake to submit creative and original works.
Contestants warrant that they hold all rights upon submitted works and warrant that the use of the works in the contest does not violate any third parties' rights.
Contestants acknowledge that in case of breach of these rules, the organizer shall be entitled to deem their participation and the prize granting as void.


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