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06 de Maio de 2011
31 de Maio de 2011, 21:59 UTC
Julho de 2011
Help us create the new Eve beverage


EVE is a light alcoholic drink (3.1% vol. alc.) designed for women. It has successfully created a new category of its own! It is brewed with rice (instead of barley - key component of normal beers) and enhanced with 4% fruit to meet the taste preference of women. It tastes fruity – the current flavors are litchi, passion fruit and grapefruit - , it is refreshing and sparkling.
Eve is one of the most successful beverage innovations to have hit the Swiss market in past years and is a product developed for women that do not drink the classical beer because of its bitter taste and male image.
It is an alternative to easy drinking beers, beer-mixes, sparkling wine, wine or cocktails.
To build on this success, we want your help to develop brand new Eve beverages that would appeal to women that are not beer drinkers.


Through pictures, designs, collages, mood boards, videos, PowerPoint presentations, text, or sketches, imagine the new drink that will please 25 – 35 year-old urban women.

Be as complete and concrete as possible when describing your idea to win the jury’s favors ;) Include its name, packaging and design, the type of beverage (it does not have to be alcoholic), and its ingredients & aromas…
What are the benefits for those who drink it – energetic, soothing, relaxing, healthy….
Tell us when and how you would consume it - alone after a long day of work or with friends, at home or in a bar?
Ideally, where would you like to find it? – Anywhere or only in selected lounges, at your local grocery store, in restaurant, internet, etc?

Remember that you have to please women who are active, self-confident, fun, stylish, feminine, sociable and strive in their everyday life.

Make your product unique to stand out from the crowd! ;)


Help us feel the experience you want to create: be as specific and concrete when submitting your ideas. Please answer all questions from the brief in your media.


1st prize: 1 500 €
2nd prize: 1 000 €
3rd prize: 500€
4th prize: 200€
3 following prizes of 100€ each


Upload on Eyeka:
Starts: May 10th 
at 15:00 (GMT)

Ends: May 31st at 23:59 (GMT)


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