Safeguard Hand Wash Concurso terminado

Create a visual expression of how Safeguard hand wash helps skin maintain its’ natural barrier against bacteria

€ 5.000
O concurso terminou em 03 de Outubro de 2021
Design Gráfico - Escrita Criativa

The global impact of COVID 19 has taught us just how important hand washing is to prevent the spread of dirt, viruses, and bacteria to other people and objects, which can in turn spread illnesses. 

When washing their hands, people want an effective soap that provides long lasting protection from bacteria. Whilst most soaps and hand washes are effective at removing dirt and bacteria, they also strip away the skin’s natural protective barrier against germs, and can also leave hands feeling dry, red and sore. 

Safeguard hand wash effectively washes away 99% of bacteria, and leverages PCA technology to help skin maintain its natural protective barrier.

Watch this video that explains PCA technology and the benefits it can provide here.

Safeguard needs your help to communicate how their hand wash helps skin maintain its’ natural barriers against bacteria in a way that everyone can understand

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