A new energy drink 8 dias restante
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Come up with a disruptive new energy drink brand that will bring fun and excitement to young adults!

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8 dias restante
Escrita Criativa - Design de Embalagem e Etiqueta

In order to keep up, young adults all have their own way to get the boost of energy they need. Recently, more and more tend to turn to energy drinks: they are looking for the stimulation to be at their best all whilst enjoying life and living it to the fullest!

We need your help to create a new energy drink made for young adults who might be studying or just starting out in the workforce; looking for excitement and adventure to break up their day or to kick off their night. Our consumer appreciates the energy and cognitive benefits that come a boost caffeine to help fuel their active and full lifestyles.                          

We need your creativity to create a new brand idea that sets itself apart from other energy drinks brands. We want to create the ultimate energy drink that will bring a fun and exciting sensory experience and inspire 18-24-year olds in Australia and New Zealand. Can you help us do that?

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