Revamp ‘Family Favourite’ Meals Concurso terminado
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Imagine the habitual family dishes being revamped in terms of taste experience, variety or health.

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O concurso terminou em 09 de Fevereiro de 2020
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Dinner is an emotional space where, regardless of how easy or hard it is to prepare, it is very important that those eating it like it. When preparing a meal for their family, consumers typically prepare habitual dishes that everyone likes in the family. This is what we call ‘Family Favourites’ meal moments. During this moment, people tend to stick to a short repertoire of meals that they rotate on a frequent basis and specific meals will come back on the table every week, or at least once in two weeks.

A vast majority are sharing the meal with their spouse or partner and most of the time, children are present. They tend to spend less than 30 min cooking the meal, and whilst half of the cooks will prepare it from scratch, there is more than a third looking for pre-prepared solutions (e.g. a jar of sauce, a can of beans, pre-cooked noodles or rice, etc.). Ease of preparation, and taste, are the 2 primary drivers of choice in this moment, and whilst health is secondary, we know it is a growing concern for consumers, especially on those quick midweek dinners.

Mars Food offers some of the most preferred food products with a variety of brands: such as Uncle Bens, Seeds of Change or Tasty Bite. Mars Food believes Better Food today makes for a Better World tomorrow and aims to deliver sustainable meals that are Healthier, Easier, Tastier and Affordable for everyone.

Mars Food is looking for a product solution that can help consumers to refresh their family favourites and they need your creativity to imagine what it can be, can you help?

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