Rethink Sarson’s Flavoured Vinegar Concurso terminado

Create a unique brand and pack design for Sarson’s new flavoured vinegar blends.

€ 7.000
O concurso terminou em 12 de Junho de 2019
Design Gráfico - Escrita Criativa - Design de Embalagem e Etiqueta

Sarson’s Vinegar is an iconic British brand that was founded in London in 1794 and has become a true national favourite thanks to its traditional craftsmanship. Sarson’s offers a range of malt and distilled vinegars, that have been produced in the same way for over 200 years, using quality British ingredients.

With a growing number of people exploring vegetarianism and veganism, finding new ways to prepare and enjoy vegetables is a growing trend in the UK. Last year, Sarson’s launched a new range of vinegar blends with natural flavouring that delivers great taste when married with vegetables - ‘Pickle in 15 minutes’ .

This is a great new, tasty product, but it needs a clearer pack design and a unique brand story to convince consumers to try it! Can you help?

Design a unique brand and packaging design for a new flavoured vinegar range that will convince UK consumers to try it!


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