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What do you wish for the world in 2019?

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O concurso terminou em 03 de Janeiro de 2019
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eÿeka is all about connecting people, by unleashing the power of ideas all over the world. And, with the New Year approaching, this is a perfect time to celebrate togetherness.

We would like to celebrate the New Year with you, our community, as well as our clients and partners, with a message of hope. Indeed, this new year will be what we will make of it: with the lenses through which we will look at the world around us, with our vision for a desirable future, and with what we will bring into it as individuals to make it happen.

You are now more than 400.000 in the eÿeka community, and we want to hear your voice. Behind the amazing ideas you deliver, there are wonderful people - with dreams, hopes, and the will and ability to change things.

So we would like to invite you to share through a short text and a visual your aspirations and hopes for this New Year. We will create an online presentation with the most inspiring testimonials and share with the community as well as our partners and clients, through our social media channels and newsletters.

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