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Name McCafé’s brewed coffee range in the US

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McCafé was launched in 1993 in Australia, and now exists in many markets around the world. In 2009, McDonald’s launched McCafé in the United States, but it quickly realized that Americans drink more coffee in their car, on-the-go, than sitting in a café! So, unlike in international markets, most of the McCafé coffee is sold at the Drive-Thru. The menu is similar - with brewed coffee, iced coffee, and different espresso coffee drinks like latté, americano, etc.

In the past, McDonalds’ USA has focused more on the McDonald’s brand and its meal offering than on its McCafé brewed coffee. So, McCafé is not top of mind compared to coffee cafés. In 2017, it re-launched its espresso line-up, and in 2019, it will relaunch its brewed coffees: regular, decaf, and iced coffee.

Admittedly, it’s not so intuitive for people to spontaneously associate the world’s best-known burger brand with a great coffee experience! McCafé would like to change this. Can you help McCafé achieve their coffee ambitions?


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