BIC Soleil Concurso terminado

Break the conventions in the women’s razor category!

€ 2.000
O concurso terminou em 17 de Agosto de 2017
Design Gráfico - Escrita Criativa

BIC Soleil is a brand which makes high quality disposable razors for women all over the world. BIC Soleil wants to be part of women’s daily beauty routine that leaves them feeling confident and ready to take on the day. In their ads, other female razor brands often show goddess-like legs, and have created aspiration for something which seems out of reach and too ‘dreamy’. On the other hand, BIC Soleil is for all women - not just supermodels, because they believe everyone deserves to feel confident in their own skin and enjoy life to the fullest. BIC Soleil wants to be fun and positive but real at the same time, and not create exaggerated and unrealistic portrayals of women’s beauty. They want to become the preferred razor that women proudly choose over other brands. Can you help create differentiation for BIC Soleil with your fresh ideas?

Bring alive BIC Soleil’s philosophy of ‘enjoy life’s moments’ through a fun and positive poster by breaking the conventions in the women’s razor category

Format: Poster with tagline – 1 page along with answers to the questions.