Agusha – best support for mothers Concurso terminado

Tell a simple story about Agusha providing the best support for mothers.

€ 5.000
O concurso terminou em 15 de Janeiro de 2017
Escrita Criativa - Redação de argumentos

Anna is a 32-year-old Russian devoted mom with an 8-month-old baby boy who means the world to her. She does everything she can to create a cozy and comfortable world around him and checks everything to make sure she makes the best choice for the baby. Anna is a happy mom, but sometimes being a mom is a difficult job, so she feels like she needs some support and appreciation.

Agusha, a leading Russian baby food brand, has been providing baby food to help healthy babies to grow for 30 years. In 2016, it launched new TVCs using a metaphor to show the difficulties of being a mother like Anna and showing how Agusha supports her. Some consumers find the message a little negative as the dad does not play an active role in the story and the campaign does not show the feeling of love and happiness inside the family enough.

In a simple and involving storyboard for Agusha’s next TVC, convince Russian moms that Agusha is the best choice for their babies.

Format: Storyboard well illustrated with visuals (max 4 pages) and text.