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Tell us a story about how fragrant clothes brings out your positive side.

Convince millennial women that the smell of their clothes has the power to positively boost how they feel and respond to the world.

A presentation with visuals and text, maximum 1 page using the template provided.

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Comfort Unilever

Thank you for your participation.

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#1 Prêmio de € 1.500

Thank you very much for the opportunity and for selecting me as a winner, its a creative fulfillment to participated in this contest, thanks!

We loved that the smell of Comfort was a reminder why you start off any journey and to remain positive to achieve your goals.

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#2 Prêmio de € 600

We loved the contrasting imagery of the woman against a dull background. With the smell of Comfort, it brings colour to their life and motivates them.

drmsarkar #3 Prêmio
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#3 Prêmio de € 400

We loved the fact that finding joy in little things can make a big impact. Similarly, small positive actions can help to make a big impact on the things we do and the people around us.


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